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Revlon Curling Wand review

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With the big boom in curling wand sales, it seems like every manufacturer is clawing to get a piece of the pie.  Revlon has recently joined the party, and we are going to take a look at their curling wand to see how it performs.

Product Features:
Everyone knows Revlon, so they really don’t need any introduction at all. A few months ago they introduced their first curling wand, otherwise known as the Curl Magic. It is a budget curling wand, and with a retail price of under $30 it is quite competitively priced.
At first looks, it is quite odd. The handle is a hot pink color and the rest of the unit is a sleek black. The handle itself is quite thin, and to be honest feels very cheap. There is no mention of ergonomics on the handle design, and no non slip features either. It feels very light in your hands, and feels like it could fall apart at any minute. There are only two buttons at the top of the handle, which are the temperature controls, and the on/off switch. The barrel itself is the really interesting part of the wand, as it is clearly very different from your standard curling wand. It has what looks like a a set of marbles along the barrel which are fused to each other through the barrel. To be honest it looks more like some type of product you would buy from an adult store than a curling wand!
This new design creates some interesting curls, but can cause problems as some of the hair settles on top of the “marbles” while the other hair get stuck in between them. This creates great curls, but the major problem is that it also creates uneven curls as the hair that rests on top of the “marbles” ends up having bigger curls, and the hair that gets stuck in between ends up with much tighter curls. Perhaps it is just down to practice to get it right, but we struggled to get even curls by using this new type of barrel. A proper tapered curling wand produces much better results if you want to have cascading curls, and we ended up with a bit of a mess after two attempts using this wand.

Looking at some more features, the barrel itself is ceramic coated which is fairly standard these days. The maximum temperature the Revlon curling wand can reach is 430F which is quite respectable, and the start up time is not too bad for a budget wand. The cord is heat resistant, and it comes with a swivel cord which is a nice little touch. You also get a heat resistant glove with it which is handy for beginners. There is a safety stand at the end of the handle which folds out for you to use while you are waiting for the unit to heat up or cool down. There is no mention of the warranty, but since it is a Revlon it should have a one year warranty at the very least. It also has a integrated safety cut out switch which kicks in after an hour. It also claims to be dual voltage (which we can’t test), however we noticed on one of the user reviews on Amazon that the user had tested this feature, only to have the unit end up in smoke! Since it is quite a new model, there aren’t that many reviews on this particular model, but we will be quite interested to see how other people feel about this a few months down the line.

Overall it is a rather interesting venture into the world of curling wands from Revlon. They have gone with a very unique and bold new design, but we definitely aren’t convinced of the benefits of what they have tried to do. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken? If they had gone with a traditional straight or tapered barrel we would have giving this a better score, but we can at least offer some praise to them for trying something different from the norm.


  • Good price
  • Claims to be dual voltage
  • Swivel cord


  • Feels very cheap
  • Produces uneven curls
  • Strange design

We have included a user review of the wand below, which seems to mirror some of our concerns with the created curls. Judging by her expression in the preview image, she also has similar concerns about the looks of the unit!

A rather interesting first curling wand from Revlon, which unfortunately can’t match the great curls you get from a traditional wand. If you are looking for a budget curling wand, we would recommend looking at the Remington Pearl which we reviewed, otherwise you can take a look at the Revlon wand on Amazon.

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