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Remington Pearl Curling Wand Review

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Today we are going to look at one of the cheaper curling wand choices currently available on the market, the Remington Pearl Curling Wand. Remington is a well known brand in the realm of beauty products, and has been manufacturing beauty and personal care products for many years . This is a no frills curling wand, but how well does it really perform? Can it create curvaceous curls on such a tight budget?  Keep reading to find out more,

Product Features:
The Remington pearl curling wand one is one of the more popular models when it comes to curling wands. Like most curling wands, it has a ceramic coating which ensures even heat distribution when curling your hair. This model features a very unique and distinct pearl coating which looks really elegant and stylish, and definitely sets it apart from the competition. Remington claim to use real crushed pearls to make the coating, and combine this with a ceramic base to make the ideal coating. We aren’t sure how accurate this claim is, but the performance of the curling wand seems fairly positive so we can assume there is some truth to their claims. Remington also offer a range of other items in their “Pearl range” such as heated hair curlers, blow dryers and straighteners, so keep an eye out for matching products if you decide to get hold of this curling wand.

It has a digital lcd reader on the front to display the current temperature, and allows you to lock it at a certain temperature for the duration of the use. When you turn the unit on, you will have flashing bars below the temperature. Once the bars are fully lit then your selected temperature has been reached. The heating element is pretty decent, and only takes around 30 seconds to get fully heated up which is quite respectable for a model of this price.  The temperatures you can work with range from 270F to 410F, however we would strongly suggest that users inexperienced with curling wands stick to the lower temperatures and work their way up a little at a time.
The wand is fairly comfortable to work with over the period of time we used it. There is no mention of any ergonomics when it comes to the design, but we certain had no complaints when trying out the unit for ourselves.  It is quite straightforward to use, and there was no awkwardness when it came to the task of curling. The handle itself has a slight curl to it which helps quite a bit if you have small hands. The electrical cord is a swivel cord, so this helps to keep it out of your way when you are working with your hair.

Being a somewhat cheaper model, it does not come with interchangeable barrels. You have the choice of two different barrel sizes, so you must decide if you want the bigger or smaller one before you make a purchase. This limits your choice of curl lengths, but this is to be expected from a budget model. The barrel itself is a conical style one which will allow you to create a falling cascade of bigger to smaller curls. It has a 60 minute built in safety cutoff, so if you forget to switch off it will do this on its own. Like most Remington beauty products, this unit is backed by a very confident 4 year warranty. Included is a a heat resistant glove for you to use while you are getting used to the motion of curling your hair, so this is a good feature for beginners. There are two bits of extended plastic at the bottom. One is at the top of the barrel and one is the bottom. These two bits of plastic function as a stand for the unit, and thus help to avoid burning your table or stand when the unit is switched on.


  • It looks great with the pearl coating
  • Has a retail price of between $20 and $30, so is very affordable
  • Comes with a four year warranty
  • Has a digital lcd to display the current temperature
  • Comes with a swivel cord for easy curling


  • You have to choose between a smaller 1/2 – 1″ barrel, or a larger 1 – 1 1/2″  barrel.
  • Can get very hot, so caution is required for the inexperienced

Below is a good user review, and a demonstration of how to use the unit.

Overall this is a quite a good investment for someone who is new to curling their hair with a wand style curler. With a price tag of around $25, you can’t really complain about a lack of features. With thousands of reviews on Amazon, this is without a doubt a really popular and highly rated curling wand.

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