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Nume Curling Wand

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Our latest review is going to look at the Nume Curling Wand. It is one of the pricier wands you can get, but will the performance justify the cost? Keep reading to find out more

Product Features:
Nume are known for their premium quality products, and when it comes to curling wands this is no exception. The Nume 19mm wand is what we are going to take a look at today, as this is a good mid range barrel size.  To be honest there isn’t a whole load of info that comes with the product, so this review may be a little shorter than previous ones.
We’ll start by looking at the unit itself, which is all black in color, and definitely looks very sleek and modern. It also comes in two other colors which are hot pink and zebra, but the black is the best looking version in our opinion. The barrel itself is a 3/4″ or 19mm design, which will allow you to create mid size curls. If you are looking for a wand that does really big waves, then you may have to look for something else. The barrel is made out of tourmaline ceramic which is well known to be the best heat distribution material, so no complaints there. Another feature of this kind of ceramic is that it produces negative ions which help to seal in the moisture in your hair, and avoid drying it out. Our tests have shown some really great curling results, but we’re not sure if this is down to claimed benefits of these negative ions or not.
The wand itself only takes a few seconds to get fully heated, which is definitely something you would expect for a unit of this price.

The handle of the unit is fairly simple, and it says it is ergonomically designed on the packaging. It is definitely comfortable to use over long periods, and the unit is very light and easy to work with. I have quite small hands and the handle fitted quite nicely into my hand. There is only one button on the handle, and that is the on/off switch. Sadly, this model is lacking in temperature control, but it is aimed at experienced users who would be using the wand at its full heat potential anyway.
The heating element goes up to 410F, which is a pretty standard temperature for a curling wand. This is more than hot enough to curl any type of hair. To help keep you protected from the high temperatures, the Nume curling wand comes with a heat proof gloves. Once again this is a pretty common feature aimed at novices, so it isn’t anything too exciting or extravagant.  It is always recommended that you use the glove until you are comfortable with using the wand.

In terms of other features, there isn’t that much to talk about really. The only other feature worth mentioning is the dual voltage design. It operates between 110v-240v which is great if you travel between countries who operate on different power levels. Aside from that it has no real benefit to the average user at home. The cord is of average length, and looks like it is heat resistant although there is no mention of this.
I’m not entirely sure of what the warranty of this model is, as there is no mention of it on the packaging. A quick google search reveals different lengths of time, but I’m guessing it should be a year at the very minimum. A nice little bonus is that you get a bottle of shampoo with your kit, which is something we haven’t seen before with another set. It’s a good afterthought, and definitely adds a stylish touch to the whole package.


  • Heats up in seconds
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Very stylish
  • Free shampoo


  • Expensive
  • No temperature control
  • Lack of features

Below is a user review and demonstration of the Nume 19mm wand. This is the zebra color, but is the exact same unit.

The performance is good, but the price is not. With a retail price of over $100, the Nume wand seems a bit overpriced when you can pick up something cheaper with more features. You can find out more about it on the Amazon product page.

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