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Large Barrel Curling Wands

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In this article we are going to be checking out some of the larger barrel curling wands. These are aimed at those of you who have longer hair. Thin curling wands simply aren’t practical for curling very long hair, so a thick barrel is what you need to get the job done. Generally what you should lookout for is a 1 1/2″ or a 2″ barrel. The 2″ ones tend to be a bit on the rare side, but they can be found online. Below we are going to have a quick look at a few of them, and some of the features they have. These aren’t actual reviews of the products, but summaries to help you find something you are after. If you want to look at some indepth reviews, you can take a look at our official reviews, however we haven’t actually reviewed any of the ones on this list. These are all currently for sale on Amazon, but we have linked to their product page on Amazon for each product, so we would strongly recommend you read through the user reviews for any particular wand you are interested in to get an idea of how good it is, and to see if it is a worthwhile purchase or not.

1 1/2″ Wands – Remington CI5338

First up is the Remington CI5338.  This is a “Keratin infused” curling wand, and it has a 1 1/2 barrel. The maximum temperature it reaches is 400F, and it has 30 heat settings to play around with. There is a heat proof glove provided for your safety, and it has a 60 minute auto shutoff.  It has a very respectable 4 year warranty, so might be worth a look. The user reviews look fairly respectable, and the price isn’t too expensive. You can find more about this model over on the Amazon page.

1 1/2″ Wands – Bellezza 4-in-1 set

Now we are going to check out a set from Bellezza, the 4-in-1 set. This comes with 4 interchangeable barrels, in sizes of 1/2-1″, 3/4″, 1.25″ and 1.5″. The barrels are tourmaline fused with ceramic. It has a stylish ergonomic design, complete with a non slip handle.  It looks great, but there is no mention of the warranty. At the time of writing there was a good discount on Amazon, and the reviews are mostly positive so it definitely looks like a good buy.

2″ Wands – Cortex 2 inch wand

Cortex is a well known manufacturer, and we have reviewed their wands with good results. This particular one is 2″ in diameter, so is definitely classified as a large barrel curling wand. The features look really good, and it has a 2″ tourmaline ceramic barrel. The temperature isn’t adjustable, but it does go all the way up to 450F. It is dual voltage, and has a heat resistant cord.  It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and some really promising user reviews on Amazon.

2″ Wands – Cortex 4-in-1 set

The next wand is another Cortex, the Cortex 4-in-1 pro. We reviewed a slightly different version of this set (which came with smaller barrel sizes), and had fantastic results. This one comes with four tourmaline / ceramic barrels, in sizes of 1/2″, 1″, 1.5″ and 2″.  It has a digital lcd on the front, with the options to adjust the temperature between 140-450F. It has infrared technology for a better heat distribution, and the cord is heat resistant with a swivel design.  This one is packed with features, and has mainly 5 star reviews on Amazon, so it is definitely worth a look.