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Jose Eber Pro Series Curling Wand

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After testing out a few wands sets, we are now going to go back to a single barrel unit and test out the Jose Eber Pro Series 19mm Wand. The Jose Eber clipless curling iron is a popular choice as it gives professional results at a reasonable price. Can it live up to the reputation? Read on below to find out.

Product Features:
Jose Eber is a well known name when it comes to hair care products. They have been manufacturing hair related products for some time now, and are known as a good premium quality brand. Their Pro series 19mm wand has been out for a while now, and seems to be a common choice for anyone looking to get salon grade results at home.
First impressions of the wand are good. The box is certainly very stylish, and it gives you a nice place to store the unit when it isn’t in use. The wand itself comes in two main color choices – black and hot pink. The black is more of a matt black, but it looks good nonetheless. The hot pink variety is very colorful, and really stands out. It is very well designed and eye catching, and Jose Eber definitely deserve some credit for creating such a good looking wand.
The barrel is a 19mm variety (otherwise known as 3/4″) which is good for creating a variety of different styles, and is probably the most popular wand size you will find. The barrel is made out of ceramic, and coated with tourmaline for the best heat distribution. Tourmaline also produces negative ions which help lock the moisture into your hair for a better curling experience. The wand is capable of reaching temperatures of 410F which is more than enough to curl the thickest hair, and the unit doesn’t take too long to get warmed up.

The wand is very lightweight, and feels nicely balanced in your hand. The handle is weighted at one end, so when you put it down the barrel stands in the air so it doesn’t burn anything when switched on. The handle is is slightly thicker than the barrel, and is very comfy to work with over the period it takes to curl your hair. The Jose Eber clipless curling iron has a ergonomic design, so  they have done a nice job with that. Aside from that there aren’t too may options to play with on the handle, there is only a on/off switch and that is it. There are no temperature controls on the wand, as it is designed to be used at the maximum temperature to create curls nice and fast.
At the end of the handle is a swivel cord which is fast becoming a standard feature on all the newer wands on the market. Something else worth mentioning is the cord is quite lengthy which is a often neglected feature. Many of the cheaper wands tend to scrimp a little on the cord length, but you get a nice long one with the Jose Eber curling wand.

Another nice little feature is that this wand is dual voltage, meaning it runs in countries that operate on different voltages. So if you want to take your wand with you to a foreign country, it will work straight out of the box.  A heat resistant glove is provided with the set, so if you are new to the curling wand experience then you will need to use this the first few times until you get a good feel for it. Some gloves included with wands can be a bit loose, but this one is a nice snug fit which does make it a little easier to work with.
As for the results, we had some great ones from this wand. The wand heats up really fast, and you don’t need to hold your hair on the barrel for too long as the heat generated by the wand will curl it very quickly. The heat felt very well distributed, and it held a constant temperature while we worked with it. Overall there is nothing to complain about on this particular model, and it is definitely on par with some of the top range wands we have tested thus far.

Being a professional grade wand, the warranty on this is a limited lifetime one. Jose Eber have done a really good job with this curler, and it seems they really do believe in the quality of the product by offering such a good warranty. We were very impressed with the results, and there isn’t much to complain about on this product at all. The price is a little expensive, but it is designed for professional work more than the average home user.


  • Looks great
  • Light and easy to use
  • Produces fast and easy curls
  • Swivel cord
  • Dual voltage
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Little pricey

We have included a user demonstration of the Pro series wand below so you can see it in action.

This is a great little wand that performs very well. It looks fantastic, and we had some excellent curling results with it. It may be a little pricey, but Amazon often have it on sale so it is worth checking there to see if you can get it on sale.

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