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Iso Curling Wand

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Today we are going to have a look at the Iso Curling Wand Set. This is a 5 piece set, and is packed with all the features you need to make some great curls. Can it stand up to the other wand sets on the market? Read on below to find out more…

Product Features:
ISO Beauty is a somewhat new brand, and has risen greatly in popularity over the years. They make all kinds of hair care products, and have been manufacturing curling wands for sometime now. One of their flagship products is the 5 piece set. They also have a 3 piece set which is almost identical (minus 2 barrels), however the 5 piece was priced only a little bit extra so we decided to test that instead.

First up, we have a look at the packaging. The graphics on the box are quite pretty, and there are two handles on the top of the box which is certainly a nice addition. There is a magnet underneath the top panel, so you simply pull it back and the entire box opens up. We think this is a really good way of packaging the unit, and the handles certainly make it easier to carry around.
There aren’t too many in the way of accessories, except for the heat resistant glove and the user manual. There are two different color choices you can choose for your ISO curling wand – hot pink, or black. A really nice touch is that ISO have included a pink glove that matches our pink set. Most sets give you a plain old black glove no matter what color wand you purchase, so it is nice to see some afterthought put into making a matching set for once!
The barrels sit back to back in the box, and you get five of them in total. Each barrel has a flat end at the base so you can stand the curling iron on these, and it won’t burn anything while it is switched on or cooling down. These come in sizes of 13mm, 19mm, 18-25mm, 25mm and 32mm. This is virtually everything you need to make whatever type of curls you want, from tight ringlets to beach waves. The barrels are made out of ceramic tourmaline which is the material generally used for high end curling wands. The tourmaline creates negative ions, which help to seal the moisture in your hair and prevent damage. ISO refer to it as their “Nano Technology”, which is a fancy way for saying it uses tourmaline on the barrels.

The wand itself is very sturdy, and doesn’t feel cheap and light like some of the budget wands we have tested. It is very light to work with, but at the same time it feels like it won’t break if you accidentally dropped it. The entire wand looks very nice in hot pink, and looks like a funky modern wand. The handle is a nice medium size, which feels just right in your hand. It doesn’t say it is an ergonomic handle, but we certain had no complaints about the comfort of the unit after using it for some time. There are three buttons on the handle, the on/off button, and the two temperature control buttons. The buttons don’t stick out much, so there is no real worry about pressing them by accident. There is also a lcd on the front which shows the current temperature. There is a led light which comes on when it has power so you know the unit is switched on. There are also two buttons at the top of the handle which you hold together to release the current barrel in use. It uses the same type of clamp that all the wands with interchangeable barrels have, so it takes a bit of effort to get the off the first few times.
The temperature ranges all the way from 122F to 410F. We have never seen a curling wand with such a low operating temperature, and were not sure if it could even curl hair at such a lowest heat setting. However the top setting is very hot, and 410F will have no issues curling any type of hair at all.

The wand heats up very quickly thanks to their “Quick Heat Up” technology. We tested out all the barrel sizes, and managed to make a nice range of styles very quickly. The results were certainly very impressive, and the performance is certainly on par with other professional curling wands. The heat feels very even thanks to the ceramic tourmaline coating, and it held the temperature very steadily over the course of our testing.
There are some other features you get with the ISO 5P wand that are worth mentioning. A nice little extra is that this unit is dual voltage, so it operates between 110-240V. This means it will work in other countries without any need for a voltage converter. There is also a swivel cord on the end, so it doesn’t get tangled up or in your way when you are curling your hair. The cord itself is around 8 feet in length, which is more or less a fairly standard size. The warranty on this unit is 1 year.


  • Good looking packaging with carry handles
  • Great looking wand
  • 5 barrels to choose from
  • Heats up fast
  • Temperature controls
  • Swivel cord
  • Dual voltage
  • Matching heat resistant glove


  • 1 year warranty

We have included a user demonstration video below, so you can get a good idea of how it works and what it looks like in action.

Overall we were very impressed with the ISO 5 piece curling wand. It has all the features you can possibly need, and 5 barrels so you can make any kind of curl imaginable. The warranty is a bit on the short side as it is only a year, but with a retail price of under $100, and such a great set of features, it is only a very minor issue. At the time of writing the pink version was on sale at Amazon, and you can also find the black version over here.

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