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Herstyler Curling Wand

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One of the more popular curling wands we have been looking forward to testing is the Herstyler curling wand, and the good news is that we have finally gotten hold of one. Can it live up to the hype, or will it fall flat in our tests? Read on below to find out more.

Product Features:
There are a few Herstyler curling wands currently on the market, and today we are going to be looking at the original Herstyler 3p. This was released quite a while ago, and is still a very highly regarded model so we decided to put it to the test and see how it holds up today. It was the first curling wand to feature interchangeable barrels, so was quite revolutionary for its time.

First off the entire package comes in a really stylish metal tube which you can see on the picture above. The tube not only looks great, but helps to keep the model protected when you are traveling.
You get three different barrels with this package including a 3/4″,  1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″. These varied sizes allow you to play around with a variety of different curl sizes until you find one that really suits you. The barrels themselves are made out of ceramic, and are coated with tourmaline like all the other high quality curling wands to produce negative ions for a better and less damaging curling experience. The barrels are fairly quick and easy to change, and you can do this simply by holding in the two buttons at the top and bottom of the handle to release the barrel.
There aren’t many other buttons to play with, aside from the temperate controls on the handle. These don’t stick out much, so there isn’t much chance of switching the unit off accidentally while you are using it. There is also a digital temperature display on the front so you know what you are working with.

The wand is very light to the touch, and is very easy to maneuver. At the same time it does feel quite solid and definitely feels like a quality product. There is no mention of ergonomics, but the wand was really comfy to hold and use during our testing. There is also no non slip features built in, but then again it does fit quite nicely into the shape of your hand, so the chances of it slipping are fairly slim.

In terms of safety features, each barrel has a little stand underneath so you can leave the unit unattended while it is heating up or cooling down. It comes with a thermal glove, and was one of the first manufacturers to start offering this. The glove itself is a nice snug fit, and allows you to get the hang of the unit without burning yourself. We didn’t see any mention of an auto shut off feature, so this is one potential downside to the product.
A nice addition is the swivel cord, which helps to keep the cord out of the way when you are curling those awkward places such as behind your head.
In terms of temperature, the machine can reach up to 390F. This is a little lower than some of the models that have come out in recent years, but still high enough to curl with ease. Heat up times were decent, with the unit generally being ready to curl in under 30 seconds. We got some great curls out of the wand, so we can find no faults with the performance. The heat was steady, and it was quick and painless to create a nice set of curls in no time.
The warranty offered with the Herstyler curling wand is one year, which is a little disappointing considering it is labelled as a professional grade product.  As for the pricing, it seems to have almost doubled since this product was launched in 2009. It now seems to hover around the $200 mark for this set, which is very pricey considering some of the newer alternative models you can get.


  • Has three different size barrels
  • Has a nice storage / travel tube
  • Comfy and lightweight
  • Swivel cord
  • Makes great curls


  • No auto shutoff
  • Quite expensive
  • 1 year warranty

Overall it is a decent curler, but it is a more expensive than current generation wands that have more features. If we had reviewed this in 2009 when it first came out, we would have perhaps given it a 4.5 star review. It is showing its age now though, and has been overshadowed by newer and better wands. It has been heavily discounted on Amazon for some time now, so click here to see if it is still on special. We don’t recommend you pay the full retail price for this wand, but if you get it on special it isn’t a bad buy. If you are looking for another professional grade wand with multiple barrels, you might be interested in our Cortex 4-in-1 review.

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