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Enzo Milano Curling Wand Review

Enzo Milano make a range of high quality hair products, and today we are going to check out the Enzo Milano Cilindrico wand. This is a higher end model, aimed at anyone who is serious about curling their hair. It does come with quite a big price tag so is it worth the asking price? Lets go into some more details on the product below so you can decide for yourself.

Product Features:
Enzo Milano is a brand that has a world wide reputation for being a premium quality brand often used by many pop stars and celebrities, and their curling wands are no exception in this matter. At this point in time they sell a variety of different wand models, and the Cilindrico seems to be one of the more popular ones.We’ll’ start up by having a look at some of the features and design.
This is a 25mm wand, otherwise know as a 1″ design. This is not a tapered wand, so it will leave you with medium sized curls. The entire wand is black in color, with the exception of the logo sticker on the handle. This is a nice stylish design and looks at home in any room. They used to sell a variety with a pink handle, but this seems to have been phased out.
This is a simple one temperature model, which is operated by the on/off switch which lights up when it is in use. The cord is attached to the back using a heavy duty swivel cord which feels both tough and slick to operate. The cord is a generous 8 feet in length which is longer that average.

The handle of the wand is ergonomically designed so operating this wand over extended periods should not be any hassle. The wand is heated by a variety of ceramic elements which are connected to the aluminum barrel using Enzo Milanos patented “Tribostatic” technology. This technology claims to make the most even heat distribution possible, while also creating negative ions. Negative ions help to retain the moisture in your hair so this is ideal solution to help prevent damage to your hair. This wand operates at a temperature of 320F which should be fine for any type of hair.
The barrel is teflon coated to provide a smooth and sleek base. This should help to provide a frizz and static free curling experience. There are also a few nice extras included with the wand such as the heat resistant glove which is great for beginners, and provides a safe means to get used to a curling wand. Another nice extra is the instructional dvd which comes with a short “How to” video and gives you a variety of different styling tips. It is always nice when a company goes the extra mile to ensure you are happy with your purchase and the dvd is certainly an indication that Enzo Milano want to help you get the best out of the wand.
Now lets see how well it performs.

Pre heating times are fast as expected, and in general the wand seems to be ready to use in around 90 seconds or so. When you are using it the ergonomic handle makes using the wand an easy task, and the build quality feels solid and well made. The included glove is nice and comfortable, and certainly seems to be better than some of the gloves included with cheaper wands. The temperature of the wand is hot and constant allowing you to curl each area of hair in a matter of seconds. The “Tribostatic” technology seems to work really well, and the heat generated provides a even and smooth heating experience. The barrel of the wand is very smooth, and your hair slides off when you are finished with each strand. Our hair was left silky smooth and well curled after a 10 minute session with the Enzo Milano wand. This test was repeated a few times over the next few days all with similar results. Overall we were very happy with the results, and there seems to be some truth to the included technology claims. The wand certainly provides a very good user experience and we had no complaints in that department.

So that is a quick summary of the Enzo Milano wand. It does come with a rather hefty pricetag around $120 but this is to be expected from a premium quality wand. Many stores offer it for sale at discounted prices which make it more enticing. We had some great results with this wand, but the pricetag is a bit of a turnoff. If you can a good deal on it then it will certainly be worth your while.
One last thing we should mention is the warranty which is a great limited life warranty. Enzo Milano are clearly very confident in the quality of the wand to offer this kind of support so this another plus in our books.


  • Nice design
  • Includes glove & dvd
  • Great results
  • Heats up fast
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Pricey

You can see the wand in action in this user video below:

With a pricetag of around $120 this is a pricey wand, but it does offer great performance. The build quality is very good, and it does come with a very confidence aspiring lifetime warranty. If you are looking for a wand to use for many years then this could be the one. At the time of writing this wand was on sale on Amazon, and you can check to see if it is still on sale on the Amazon product page.

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