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Corioliss Magic Wand Curling Iron

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A product we have been looking forward to testing out for a while is the Corioliss Magic Wand Curling Iron. This is an interesting new wand from Corioliss which certainly stands out from the crowd. Our review will look at some of the features, and see if it can compete against the many other wands on the market.

Product Features:
Corioliss was founded in 2002, and has been selling a range of hair care products for over ten years now. They have quite a few different curling wands currently on the market, and the Magic Curling wand is their latest addition to this product range. It is slightly different from your average curling wand however, as it combines the best features from a curling wand and a clip style curling iron. The million dollar questions though is does it work? We’ll answer that shortly.

First up we’ll take a look at the packaging. The box is rather big, and the font used for the product name is certain very pretty, and definitely helps the packaging stand out.  They don’t go into too many details about the product on the front of the box, and try to keep the feature set as minimalistic as possible. It looks decent, and will provide a nice place to keep the product when it isn’t in use.
The wand itself is all black, and looks quite modern and stylish. The barrel is 19mm, and is made out of ceramic tourmaline. Tourmaline is seen on higher grade wands, as it produces negative ions to help seal the moisture in your hair and prevent damage. The barrel looks about average length, and it has a rubber tip at the end so you won’t burn yourself. 19mm (otherwise known as 3/4″) is a rather standard barrel size, and you can make a variety of different styles with it.
The really unique part of his wand is the thin clip that goes along the length of the barrel. This has a release button at the top of the handle. The way it works is you clamp the hair at the tip, then using the handle you wind it all the way up to the roots. The handle rotates, so you hold that and the rubber tip at the end of the barrel to curl your hair all the way. It is somewhat tricky to do at first, as it feels very different to using your fingers to do the curling. We had to try 2 or 3 times before we really started to get the hang of it. Initially we had poor curling results when we first tested out the unit, as we did find it a bit tricky to get used to this way of making curls. However once we got used to the motion of rolling the handle, are results became more successful, and they mirror those results you get from good quality wands. Some people seem to start near the root of the hair and curl towards the tip, but I don’t think it really matters which way you do it. It does work well once you get used to it, but what we have noticed is that it doesn’t really provide any significant benefits compared to using a traditional wand. The only real benefit we can see by doing it this way is that it is a little safer, as your fingers won’t be as close to the barrel as they normally would. I think it all boils down to your preference at the end of the day. If you have never used a wand before, then this might be a safer alternative to try. If you are experienced with curling wands, then you won’t see too much benefit from using the Magic Wand iron.

Moving onto some of the other features and points to mention, we come to the handle. It is made out of rubber, and fairly soft and easy to work with. There are no mention of ergonomics, but it certainly does the job quite nicely. There are no temperature controls, and a simple on off switch is the only button on the handle, aside from the clamp release at the top. The on and off switch is slightly receded into the handle, so there isn’t much chance of accidentally switching it off while using it.
It has a swivel cord which is nice, and the cord is heat resistant up to 360F. Most manufacturers don’t really mention to what degree the cord is heat resistant, so this is a nice touch from Corioliss.
The Magic Wand iron heats up in under 30 seconds, and reaches a temperature of 410F. This is a fairly standard temperature for a good quality wand, and it will be able to curl any type of hair at this temperature.

With a retail price of under $50, the Magic Wand is a decent investment. If you have used traditional wands before, you may find it tricky to get used to. After a few uses it does get easier, and it will give you some good results. It comes with a one year warranty.


  • Competitively priced
  • Light and comfy to work with
  • Swivel cord
  • Makes great curls
  • Unique new design


  • Tricky to use at first
  • One year warranty

Below is a brief video from Corioliss demonstrating how to use this type of wand.

The Corioliss Magic Wand curling iron is a interesting new product, and has the results to back it up. If you are new to curling wands, then this would make a good cheap wand. You can check the current price of it on Amazon over here.

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