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Best Curling Wands

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Over the past year or two we have looked at many different wands, and in recent months we have been asked by our readers which are some of the better choices. Whether your are on a tight budget or if you want to splurge a little there is definitely a wand to suit your needs. In this short article we will have a look at some of the better models in our opinion to suit a range of different budgets. Hopefully this will give you some insight of what will be best for your needs.

Remington Pearl

If you are only looking for a basic wand, then the Remington Pearl is without a doubt the most popular choice on the market right now. This is a very affordable choice for many beginners, and costs under $30 for the bigger model. It comes in two sizes – 0.5″ – 1″ and 1″ – 1.5″, and it is a conical wand. It has an operational temperature range of between 270F – 410F, and you can easily control the temperature with the buttons on the handle.  It has an lcd on the handle which displays the current temperature, and has a 60 minute auto cutoff feature in case you forget to turn your wand off. It has a cool tip at the top of the barrel and comes with a heat resistant glove. With over 1200 5-star user reviews on Amazon, it is clear that this is a great quality affordable wand.

ISO 5P Curling Wand

If you intend to experiment with a range of different curl sizes, then the ISO 5P curling set is a good mid range choice. This set comes in a fantastic hot pink color which looks amazing. It also comes in a black color scheme, but the pink one really stands out. Included with this set are five different barrel sizes including two tapered ones of 18-25mm and 9-18mm. There are three standard barrels including 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. These interchangeable barrels will give you a wide variety of styles to experiment with. The barrels are made out of ceramic tourmaline, and each barrel has a flat section on the base which acts as a stand. There are a range of temperature controls to choose from all the way from 122f – 410f. In addition this set comes with a swivel cord, dual voltage and a heat resistant glove. With a retail price of under $100, this is definitely one of the best curling wands available. You can get more info about this set on and read some user reviews over here.

Amika 3 Piece Wand Set

Lastly we have the Amika 3 piece wand set. This is a pricey bit of equipment, but is well known for being a very high end curling wand. This set is often seen on sale for heavily discounted prices, so with that in mind it becomes a much more enticing option. Like the ISO set above this comes with a variety of different interchangeable barrels including a 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. One major advantage of this particular set is the length of the barrels. Most standard wands have a roughly 5″ length barrel but these come with a 6.5″ long barrels. If you have long hair, then the additional barrel length will make the curling task a little easier.
The barrels are made out of ceramic tourmaline, and it is a quick and easy process to swap between them. Like the 5p set above, these barrels also have a flat section on each one to stand the wand on.
The temperature range on this model is 410F and the current temperature is displayed on the lcd, and the temperature can be controlled using the buttons on the handle. The handle is ergonomically designed and comfy to work with, and the cord is attached via a swivel base so  no need to worry about any cord tangles. This is a dual voltage model so it is perfect if you want to take it overseas at some point. The is one of the best curling wands we have seen as is a fine choice. The retail price of over $200 makes it quite pricey, but it has been heavily discounted on Amazon for over a year now which makes for a tempting deal. You can check if it is still for sale on the Amazon page.