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Babyliss Pro Curling Wand Review

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Babyliss is a big name in the world of hair care and health products, and in this review we are going to be looking at their popular curling wand – the Babyliss Pro Wand. This is an intermediately priced wand, so how well does it fare against the competition? Lets have a closer look at this below.

Product Features:
The Babyliss Pro wand comes in two different varieties, the smaller 1/2″ – 1″ size and the larger 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ size. Both versions are virtually identical in style and color, but obviously the barrel size is different. The smaller model is aimed at anyone with shorter hair while the larger barrel size is recommended for longer hair. The handle comes in a deep blue color which is a good look in our eyes. There is only one button on the handle and that is the temperature dial. A lcd is something we would expect on a wand at this price range but the dial seems to do the job well enough so we can’t complain too much. Just above the handle is a small flat stand which helps to keep the wand air born when you are not using it. This is ideal as you can leave it to preheat without worrying about burning anything. However there is no auto switch off built into the Babyliss wand which is quite a disappointment as this is quite a big safety feature and selling point for newer wands.

The cord is attached by a swivel connector at the base of the wand. The cord is not particularly long or short and the 8 feet length should be long enough for most people. We have read conflicting reports as to whether or not this wand is dual voltage or not. It is not listed as dual voltage on the official site so we suspect it is not which is a pity. The temperature this wand supports is up to 450F. Babyliss claim you can utilize up to 50 different heat settings so this is definitely a good feature for anyone who likes to experiment. Pre-heating times are fairly ordinary on this model, and it takes around 90 seconds or so to get fully heated on the highest setting. There is no heat resistant glove included with this model which is another letdown, so you may need to spend another $10 or so more on a glove if you are new to using a curling wand.
The barrel is made out of Nano Titanium material, which provides a smooth and sleek surface. This material should be very durable so we expect this wand will last some time. Aside from that there isn’t much more to say about the design or features so lets have a look at how well it actually works.

As mentioned earlier the preheating times are fairly ordinary, but that is not a problem at all. Once it gets warmed up, it is fairly light and easy to maneuver around. The barrel itself is really sleek and on the highest setting it will only take around 7 or 8 seconds to make a quality curl. The barrel seems to get evenly heated, and in our tests there was no sign of any cool or overly hot areas. The lack of glove might be a bit of a concern to a novice user, but if you know what you are doing there is no real need for it. The dial is easy to use and change even while you are curling your hair, and there is a light above the dial to indicate the wand is currently switched on. We were quite happy with the results we got with this wand, and there were no real problems at all with the operational side of it. It provides a quality curling experience, and this is what we expect from Babyliss products.
The sleek conical barrel allows you to create a a range of different curl sizes, from tight to wavy curls. When you are finished curling, you can simply rest the wand on your table and leave it to cool down.

The Babyliss conical wand is a fair intermediate choice in our opinion. If you can get it on sale it would make a good addition to your beauty kit. However since it is missing a few important features such as no auto shutoff, no dual voltage or even a glove, this makes it quite hard to recommend buying it at the full retail price unfortunately. With a price tag of around $30-$40 this would be a good choice, and you will find several places currently selling it in that price bracket which would make it a good choice. This wand comes with a limited two year warranty.


  • Nice looking design
  • Many heat settings
  • Built in stand
  • Makes great curls


  • No auto shutoff
  • No glove
  • Not dual voltage?

With a retail price of around $69, the Babyliss Conicurl wand is quite a pricey choice. It lacks a few non essential features, but you will often see it on sale which makes it worth your while. At the time of writing this model was virtually half price on Amazon. You can check if it is still on sale over at the Amazon product page.

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