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Amika Curling Wand

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In our last review we had a look at a single barrel curler, but now we are going to take a look at a something a bit more comprehensive. The Amika curling wand is a three piece set, and is aimed at creating a variety of styling needs. Does it manage to do this, and is it worth the price? Read our review below to find out more.

Product Features:
Amika is a big name brand in the hair care industry, and generally their product lines are aimed more at professional users than home enthusiasts. This Amika hair wand is no exception, and it is aimed towards creating a multitude of styles and curls. First impressions of the wand are good, and the packaging is very stylish and eye catching. The wand itself is a very sleek black which seems to be something of a trend these days, but there is nothing wrong with that as it looks really good. Our curling wand comes with a silver plate around the buttons (as can be seen in the picture on the left), but I believe the new models are entirely black in this area. The set comes with three interchangeable barrel sizes of 19mm, 25mm and 32mm to help you make a large range of different styles. The barrels themselves are made out of tourmaline and infused with ceramic. Ceramic is a fantastic heat distribution agent, and tourmaline is a natural producer of negative ions which are beneficial to the health of your hair.
We had some fantastic results when we were testing out this unit, and hopefully this is due to the claimed benefits of the tourmaline/ceramic barrels. In other reviews we have been a bit skeptical about the practical benefits of these claims, but there could be some truth to it.

One thing that stands out on the Amika curling wand is the actual length of it, which we immediately noticed when it came out of the box. There is no mention of the larger size on the packaging, but given some of the advantages of this, there should be. The barrels themselves measure just over 6 1/2″ which is very long in comparison to normal curling wands. Most measure in the range of 5″, but that extra inch and a half really does make it easier to curl your hair if you have longer hair. In future reviews we may start measuring the length to compare against this one!
Each barrel has a little stand at the bottom of it, so you can leave the unit on without worrying about burning anything.
The unit itself is very lightweight to hold and handle. There is no mention of ergonomics, but it does have a “easy grip handle” which certainly lives up to the name! It is very comfortable to work with, and we didn’t notice any fatigue while using it at all. There are three buttons on the handle, one to switch it on/off and two to adjust the temperature. The good news is that these buttons recede into the handle, so there is no problem with accidentally changing the temperature or switching it off by accident when you are using it. There are also two buttons at the top and bottom of the handle that you use to swap the barrels. The temperature can be adjusted all the way to 410F, so even if you have super thick hair there shouldn’t be a problem curling it.  There is a small lcd above the temperature control buttons that displays the current temperature.

Something else worth mentioning about the Amika curling wand are two other features which aren’t immediately apparent. One of them is the built in swivel cord. These swivel cords would be standard on every curling wand if we had our way, but I understand that they cost a little more to implement than a ordinary connection.  They allow you to operate the wand without the cord getting in the way, which can be a major annoyance.
The other feature is dual voltage support. This seems to be a feature that is becoming more and more common on mid and higher end curling wands. It means it will work in any country without the need for a voltage converter of any kind.
Also included is a heat resistant glove for your protection. This is a pretty standard feature these days, but oddly enough this Amika glove seems to be a bit on the large size. It is a good fit, but the fingers are a bit longer than other gloves we have tested in the past. This isn’t really a problem at all, just worth a mention. After two or three goes with this you should have the hang of it anyway, and not need to use the glove anymore.


  • Comes with three barrels to create different styles
  • Longer than standard barrels
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Dual voltage
  • Swivel cord


  • Pricey

We had some fantastic results with this curler, and it comes with all the features you need to create an awesome hair style. The retail price is over $200 which is the downside, but Amazon often have this on sale so if you are lucky you might grab a bargain. Click here to check the latest price on Amazon.

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